By securing a home mortgage with Mortgage Bee

you can ensure that you are getting competitive rates from leading banking institutions while working with a broker who has your best interests in mind while they work on your behalf.

As mortgage rates are constantly changing,

it is essential to do your homework before agreeing to an offer of financing. The brokers at Mortgage Bee have well established relationships with many of the leading lending institutions which allow them to have access to the lowest rates, and therefore best offers to suit your needs.

By obtaining your mortgage through Mortgage Bee you can be assured that you are getting a bank mortgage at the best rate. A working relationship with Mortgage Bee allows you to have the opportunity to beat any offer you may receive by going to the bank directly or trying to search out a competitive rate on your own.

What is a Mortgage?
A mortgage, or mortgage loan, is a legal agreement where a lender offers money to a borrower to purchase real estate in exchange for interest. The loan is secured by the real estate, so if the borrower fails to repay (defaults) the lender can foreclose, selling the property to pay off the loan.

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    Mortgage Bee is built by Canadians to help Canadians, and that’s exactly what we do. Our many years of industry experience have taught us how to bring you the best results. 

    We are proud to serve our community and neighbours. So pick Mortgage Bee today, and help guarantee the value of your home.

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