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Commercial, Mixed-Use & Land Financing

Get the Money You Need to Realize Your Vision

If you want to buy or build a commercial, mixed-use, or multi-residential property, MortgageBee can help make your dream a reality.

Investment properties are a great way to diversify your portfolio. Unfortunately, banks don’t always see them as a good investment. If you’ve been turned down for a loan, or if you’d simply prefer the more accommodating terms of private financing, MortgageBee can help.

MortgageBee’s fast, flexible financing can provide you with the millions required to:

  • Invest in a commercial or mixed-use property
  • Acquire a multi-residential asset
  • Purchase and develop or rezone land

Compared to the lengthy process, limited eligibility, and rigid terms of a bank loan, private financing through a broker like MortgageBee is quick, comprehensive, and creative.

With MortgageBee, you get:

  • Fast Approvals. Timing is everything. The private lenders in MortgageBee’s network understand the importance of completing deals within a certain timeframe. If you’ve got proven experience in the field, we can get your project financing approved quickly.
  • Flexible Arrangements. At MortgageBee, we understand that every deal is unique. That’s why our financing terms are flexible. We offer on-balance-sheet financing of $1 million to $400 million or more. Options include recourse and non-recourse financing, and fixed or floating rates that are among the most competitive in the industry. Our loans include all major asset types, with short to mid-length terms (1 to 5 years). Long terms (up to 10 years) are available for evaluated, stabilized deals.
  • Innovative Terms. With banks growing ever wearier of property development, the market for private sources of capital for real estate endeavours has grown. In fact, private lending is now an integral part of the real estate funding model. Even larger, relatively well-established developers are looking beyond the banks. MortgageBee’s highly skilled underwriters use their considerable expertise to design financing options outside the strict parameters set by traditional institutions — options that better address the unique needs of each borrower.

Review your commercial property financing needs with a MortgageBee specialist during a free consultation.


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Happy clients

  • I had a bit of difficulty in terms of the whole terminology involved with the process, what with all the rates and legal jargon, and I headed to MortgageBee to see if they could explain it to me. A broker sat me down and explained EVERYTHING, left no stone unturned.

    ~ Jackson ~
  • Magnificent job! Got me an interest rate that no one else even came close to. Thanks guys!
    ~ Jennifer ~
  • Great customer service, very easy to contact their brokers in regards to any questions I had through the process. Made the whole daunting process seem a lot easier, they were great at keeping my stress levels low.
    ~ Maxim ~
  • Having used big banks before, my wife and I’ve decided to make the switch to a brokerage, and MortgageBee has been able to meet all the same benefits of using a big bank, with a lower rate and terms that work way better for us. We’re very grateful that you’ve been able to do that for us.
    ~ Tomasz and Georgia ~
  • I am totally happy with the way MortgageBee handled our mortgage! They were very happy and willing to help us out with our mortgage. Without them it would’ve been a much lengthier, more difficult process.

    ~ Lyudmila ~
  • Over the years I’ve built up quite a credit score that’s been holding me down, I wasn’t sure there was anyway any institution would fund me. Someone referred me to MortgageBee, and I got approved and financed for a 2nd mortgage! All thanks to all of their dedicated professionals; couldn’t have done it without you guys. Thanks!
    ~ Jeremy ~
  • Happy Easter! Rachel and I received your generous gift card this week, and I just wanted to make sure I took the time to thank you. Thank you very much. Not just for the gift card, but more so for all the help and patience in helping Rachel and me with everything over the years.

    ~ Ross & Rachel ~
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